BENTISM Snow Roof Rake 30ft Reach Aluminium Roof Shovel with Slide Cloth 19" Blade

BENTISM Snow Roof Rake 30ft Reach Aluminium Roof Shovel with Slide Cloth 19" Blade

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Product Description

BENTISM Snow Roof Rake
This snow rake helps you bid farewell to the winter snow hassle. A 19-inch blade allows you to clear more snow in one go quickly. The lightweight aluminum alloy construction and detachable handle make it easy to operate. Enjoy the fun of quick snow removal!
BENTISM Snow Roof Rake . Efficient Snow Removal
This snow rake for house roof has a 19-inch large scraper for wide coverage and is paired with a sliding cloth to clear more snow in a single operation. It increases snow removal efficiency . making it quick and labor-saving . and helps reduce the pressure on your roof.
Lightweight Operation
Equipped with aluminum alloy blades . this snow roof rake weighs only 12.1 pounds . making it relatively lightweight for effortless use. It is your good winter snow clearing assistant that can withstand substantial force and pressure!
Humanized Design
The roof rakes for snow removal reach up to 30 ft to avoid the danger of climbing ladders. It features sliding protective wheels to avoid roof scraping . and an anti-slip handle cover ensures a secure grip in slippery conditions.
Easy Installation
There is no need for complicated steps and professional skills. You can quickly assemble our roof rake . making your winter snow-clearing tasks more effortless and enjoyable.
Multiple Scenarios
Our roof shovel is your must-have for snow removal in various situations. It can easily handle them all . whether it's a residence or a garage roof . vehicle snow . or fallen leaves.
PE Snow Slide
This 10-foot PE snow slide is durable and wear-resistant . making your snow scraping operations smoother and more efficient.


Item Model Number: CY-SF18
Scraper Material: Aluminum Alloy
Handle Material: Aluminum Alloy Rod
Scraper Width: 19 inches
Slide Cloth Length: 3.13 m / 123.2 inches
Slide Cloth Material: PE (Polyethylene)
Protective Wheel Material: PP (Polypropylene)
Anti-slip Handle Grip: TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber)
Product Weight: 5.5 kg / 12.1 lbs

Package Content

1 x Hook
1 x U-shaped Wrench
1 x Hex Key Wrench
2 x Hex Bolts M5*45
4 x Hex Bolts M5*12
6 x Hex Nuts
1 x User Manual
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